A day of sun, steam and drilling: latest results

A start has been made to ground truth the geophysics we undertook at Petit Portelet earlier in the first half of the project.  A minor setback yesterday occurred when our drilling equipment failed to work.  First thing this morning a trip was made to Pallots to fix the engine.  This was rapidly achieved and had the added benefit of getting me a fix of steam.  After a lunch of burger and chips Dr. Shaw and Dr. Bates returned to Les Varines to collect Dr. Scott and the intrepid team left to drill at Gorey. The husband and wife team worked in perfect harmony and two holes were drilled this afternoon. Good data was achieved that confirm our geophysical results.


Fig 1. The find of the day: a steam engine in Jersey


Fig 2, 3,   Dr Bates and Shaw in action at Portelet Common


Fig 6

Fig 4 and 5. Dr Scott and Shaw working on the cores

Fig 7
Fig 6. Drill core


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