About Ice Age Island

The island of Jersey lies within the Gulf of St Malo, one of the Channel Islands close to the coast of France. It’s stunning coastal scenery and rural landscapes have been shaped by successive phases of global warming and cooling the traces of which can be seen across the island. Preserved within this excellent geological record of global climate change are also the traces on ancient human occupation stretching back hundreds of thousands of years. Ice Age Island is a project aimed at studying this important record through new research and fieldwork. It will deliver new understanding of the island’s deep past and share this research with scientists and the public, enhancing the presentation of Jersey’s already considerable heritage and natural history resources.


The project, funded by the island’s Tourism Development Fund and undertaken in partnership with Jersey Heritage, represents a significant stream of field research taking place alongside analytical programmes aimed at the Neanderthal mega-site of La Cotte de St Brelade funded by the AHRC and NERC

The team comprises a multi-institutional group of researchers which brings together some of the biggest archaeological departments across the UK. Our team is drawn from University College London, University of Southampton, The British Museum, University of Manchester, University of York, University of St. Andrews and University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

This blog includes aspects of our research posted directly by our research team and students.

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