In 2014, as part of the on-going management of La Cotte, a laser scan of the headland and ravine system at La Cotte was undertaken by a team of geomatic surveyors from UCL. The survey, funded by Jersey Heritage, managed by Archaeology South East and implemented by Hannah Corcoran, Anita Soni and Charles Thompson from […]

One aspect of our research on Jersey is looking at how humans used the landscapes now submerged under the English Channel. Around Jersey much of this landscape is dominated by a hard granite geology full of gullies and widened joints which trap useful sediments but which isn’t masked by recent sand. This means these landscapes […]

Hi, we are Stacey and Eloise – second year archaeology and anthropology students at UCL – and we are coming to the end of our time in Jersey. We will be sad to leave; the people, the weather, and of course the archaeology have made this a really great experience! During our time here we […]

Good Afternoon, my name is Leon Veal, I am currently an archaeology undergraduate at UCL (University College London) and I have been fortunate enough to be handed the opportunity to contribute to the Ice Age Island Project here in sunny (and occasionally very wet) Jersey. As an archaeology student I have had to assess a […]

La Cotte a la Chevre is a small cave on Jersey’s north coast. The history of the site was covered in this post and on-line poster by our research assistant Josie Mills. This year we revisited the cave for two reasons: firstly we chose it as a site to film at with BBC’s Coast programme, […]


Although the main focus of our excavation is the Magdalenian site at Les Varines, some of the team remain immersed in a Neanderthal world. As we work through the 94,000 artefacts excavated from La Cotte de St.Brelade, the different stone materials used by Neanderthals occupying the site are strikingly different, and often treated in different […]

Welcome to our new dig home! This year you will still find our excavation base at Les Varines but in the field above previous years, and noticeably bigger!     We have put in a large stepped trench that is going to contain four test pits, with the aim of continuing our investigation of the […]


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