Over the past week, we’ve had out first chance to really get to grips with what we can learn from the stone tools already excavated from La Cotte. Between 1961 and 1978, Professor Charles McBurney of Cambridge University conducted extensive excavations at the site, which produced over 94,000 artefacts. These are curated by Jersey Heritage, […]

A few of the team have returned to Jersey this winter to do further re-organisation and analysis of the artefact collections in the Jersey Heritage Stores. The Ice Age Island project is not restricted to the sunny climes of our summer excavation season and an incredible amount of work goes on behind the scenes, often […]

Sometimes Google Earth isn’t good enough. When we knew we were going to be on Jersey for a very low spring tide we knew it was a chance to capture some imagery of the site and it’s exposed offshore ice age topography. We sent the intrepid Dr Sarah Duffy up in a light air craft […]

La Cotte de St Brelade is a Neanderthal ravine system on the Jersey coastline. However for much of the last 250 years it sat overlooking an open dry landscape of granite and grasslands. Yesterday’s low spring tide allowed us to see much of that open landscape revealed to a dramatic extent. To take advantage we […]

It’s hard to communicate just what it is about the material remains of the Ice Age that excites the Palaeolithic archaeologist. Much of what we glean about human activity in the deep past is based upon extremely close reading of excavated material. Looking closely at the pattern of flaking on a worked flint allows us […]

Since we last updated you we have had a busy couple of weeks. Today we finally bagged the last artefact for the summer meaning we have re-bagged and organised over 10000 artefacts since the start of this summer season. In total we have over 20000 done of the massive 94000 collection from La Cotte de […]

In the five years leading up to the outbreak of World War I, both Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin as well as a student of Father H Morin, probably independently of each other, discovered La Belle Hougue Cave I on the northeast coast of Jersey. In fact we know from an article written by AE […]


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