Update from Augres

This summer is our final push towards finishing the McBurney Archive Reorganisation Project working in the Jersey Heritage Stores in Trinity. Run by Sam and Josie, and supported by Louise (who has travelled here from Brittany), every day the Ice Age team are getting closer to the c. 94,500 artefact target!

At 83.4% (see totaliser) we have now re-homed the vast majority of the artefacts excavated from La Cotte by Charles McBurney in the 1970s, the culmination of five years hard work and input from many island volunteers as well as students from UCL, Southampton, and Manchester.


UCL Third year student Charlotte Leifermann curating flint pieces


Our totaliser made by Dr. Beccy Scott, we are updating this weekly so watch this space!

We are currently working on a layer with a wide variety of different raw materials, trends in the sequence are being revealed before our eyes – allowing the students and staff to see the wider impact of the meticulous re-organisation process. This has brought ideas of landscape use, behaviour, raw material provisioning and site occupation to the fore, bringing this impressive (formidably large!) archive to its deserved position within the Middle Palaeolithic of the La Manche region.

Sponsored by tea, biscuits and patience – we are nearly there!

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