Ice Age Island 2014 Go!


This week will see a team of 25 UK academics, scientists and students begin to assemble on Jersey for the 2014 season of Ice Age Island.  This year we have a programme of five weeks of fieldwork aimed at understanding more about Jersey’s deep prehistory and telling the story of it’s ice age past through site tours, talks, exhibitions and on-line content.  Working with Jersey Heritage we will feed our results straight into public displays and web-content as we work. 

The fieldwork is very much a live event and we welcome visitors at any time to our excavations of the late ice age hunters camp at Les Varines throughout July.

And through this blog and on twitter, following the hash tag #IceAgeIsland, you’ll be able to follow our other fieldwork and research as it happens…

This season will be a very busy one and during the month we will be working on the following research:

  • Cataloging and exploring the archives of previous work at La Cotte de St Brelade with Jersey Heritage
  • Exploring caves on the north coast of the island
  • Searching for Ice Age sediments at low tide on the south west coast of Jersey.
  • Working with Jersey dive club to explore the submerged ice age landscape around Jersey’s coast.
  • Investigating where Neanderthal hunters found good flint to make their tools.

We are looking forward to showing you why we find Jersey such an exciting place to work and investigate our distant past!



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