Exploring the La Cotte landscape using 3D imaging

Sometimes Google Earth isn’t good enough. When we knew we were going to be on Jersey for a very low spring tide we knew it was a chance to capture some imagery of the site and it’s exposed offshore ice age topography. We sent the intrepid Dr Sarah Duffy up in a light air craft to capture the moment of low tide and as we were packing up the excavation she took the time to talk Dr Beccy Scott through the first 3D model of the site and exposed reef

It still needs some clearing up, but the model shows the fissure and cave in much higher resolution and from much more oblique angles than we could ever get from satellite or aerial photography; it also models the off shore topography in great detail.

Imaging the col just behind the site has always been problematic but on here the challenge the landform would have presented to driving game into the fissure is very clear.


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