Jersey Stores, Day 8

One week into the Ice Age Island Project, we have been making lots of progress in the stores. Of 94,000 artefacts, we have processed 4500!


Finds laid out ready for re-bagging. This shows just a small part of one box we have already processed.

There have been lots of interesting finds and, excitingly, we can start to see patterns in the material as artefacts are brought back together for the first time in over 30 years. Some of the artefacts are truly beautiful and the collection more broadly is incredibly interesting, being composed of a wide range of raw materials and tool types.


Our cosy room.

By re-bagging these artefacts we are opening the possibility of accessing the largest Middle Palaeolithic lithic assemblage in Northern Europe, allowing unparalleled insights into Neanderthal behaviour in this region over a span of some 116,000 years! With 3 weeks remaining we still have a great deal to do but every day brings new and exciting discoveries. Keep checking back for more updates on our progress!

Thanks for checking in,

Sam and Andy X


Andy hard at work…








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