Packing everything but the kitchen sink….

So the time is upon us! Another fieldwork trip out to the island of Jersey, my third to be exact. This year planning and packing has included the added stress of moving out of my final year student house and left me feeling very nomadic, with possessions spread from London to Manchester in kindly helpers houses.

Packing for fieldwork is always tricky, ensuring for all weather eventualities, I’m hoping for blisteringly hot 34 degree days, where a quick swim at lunch time might be on the cards! This year I feel almost over prepared and dreading the moment where you see the suitcase weight flashing ominously towards the 15kg allowance at the airport. I’ve always been incredibly jealous of the savvy archaeos who role up with a casual, yet shockingly small, back pack and survive for 4 weeks. Let’s face it I’m never going to be one of those lucky few, instead relying heavily on lots of jumpers to cosy up in after a long day in the field. This year our team have become part of the bigger Ice Age Island project, in partnership with Jersey Heritage and Tourism, centred on unravelling the Palaeolithic past of Jersey. This is going to include a pop-up museum and hopefully lots of stuff about mammoths! It’s a new angle to what we have done before and I’m looking forward to chatting to visitors and having a chance to enthuse, first hand, about the dynamic prehistoric landscape and its ice age occupants.

 So I’m sitting in the middle of an empty-ish room, with a cleaning list longer than my arm, consoling myself with the Jersey day dreams; visiting the mysterious little cave La Cotte a La Chèvre on the north coast, swimming through the crystal clear sea above the drowned ice age landscape of green island and partaking of the delicious, doughnut-like, Jersey Wonders from the indoor market in St. Helier! 

See you tomorrow Jersey!



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